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Pure Virgin Coconut Oil

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TIANA fair trade organic pure virgin coconut oil is essential for your skin, the best from the coconut; it is cold pressed from freshly harvested organic coconuts with high lauric acid content and moisturising properties. It naturally soothes the skin giving a radiant complexion. Our Premium quality TIANA luxurious pure virgin coconut oil replenishes vital moisture levels making the skin supple, clear and silky smooth.

Suitable for dry, mature, sensitive, problem and baby’s delicate skin.

Direction to use:
Apply a small amount to your face or any dry area of your skin. Naturally solid below 25° C, gently warm for use.

Use TIANA purest virgin coconut oil as baby oil
TIANA organic virgin coconut oil for skin is 100% pure and can be used as baby oil. It does not contain mineral oil, a common ingredient in most of the baby oils (mineral oil is a by-product of petroleum distillation).

TIANA virgin coconut oil is 100% natural and organic and at temperatures of around 24°C becomes a crystal clear liquid that can be used as an effective moisturiser for smoothing dry skin. It will produce real positive changes in skin texture thus making your skin wrinkles look smoother.

Moisturising your hands and feet with the important nutrients that are available in our TIANA pure virgin coconut oil will lead you to see the difference of our unique coconut oil against skin dryness that can sometimes lead to roughness, hardening and splitting.

TIANA pure virgin coconut oil helps to prevent barber’s inch.

Using coconut oil as an after sun cream lotion
Sunburn is caused by overexposure to the sun’s UV rays (or those of a tanning bed), which causes the skin to become red, warm and tender to the touch.

TIANA organic pure virgin coconut oil is full of natural goodness and can be used as an after sun cream. It gets easily absorbed into the skin, hence helping to limit excessive damage of the skin due to over exposure to sun light.

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Ingredients:100% Organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil

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