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Healing Powers of PollenHealing Powers of Pollen

Healing Powers of Pollen

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by Patrice Percie du Sert

Over fifteen thousand copies already sold!

Patrice Percie du Sert, an agricultural engineer and professional beekeeper, invented and patented a technique in 1994 that allows all the nutrients in fresh bee pollen to be preserved. Now acknowledged as an authority on bee pollen, he is regularly invited to conferences on diet and foods with an exceptionally high nutritional value. He also works with several research centres, in both the private and public domain, investigating the effects of fresh pollen on chronic diseases in humans. At fifty-eight years old Mr Percie du Sert performs each of his various roles of company director, researcher, beekeeper and teacher, with formidable energy; in his book he explains his secret!


Pollen is extremely rich in nutrients and plays a vital role in the miraculous relationship that has evolved between flowers and bees. The Healing Powers of Pollen examines the subject in all its detail and uncovers the secrets of this ancient food. Patrice Percie du Sert presents the results of documented scientific research on the properties of different kinds of pollen, and considers the beneficial effects of pollen in the context of a comprehensive review of environmental and especially dietary factors that affect our health.

"Let food be your medicine", as Hippocrates said nearly two and a half thousand years ago, and let this book be the key that helps you add life to your years and years to your life.

First English Edition

Published by Guy Trédaniel

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