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Cherry & Chilli - 40gCherry & Chilli - 40gCherry & Chilli - 40gCherry & Chilli - 40g

Lovechock (Cherry & Chilli) - 40g

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This extravagant bar of chocolate is made from all natural ingredients, including dried cherries, raisins and spiced up with organic cayenne pepper.  Hand made with love this intense chocolate bar contains no milk or gluten and is sweetened with dried coconut blossom nectar, which means that they rank low on the glycaemic index.

Each chocolate bar is packed with sweet fruits and cacao that has been cold ground below 49ºC.

Lovechock has so much love that they use cardboard made from trees in sustainable cultivated forests; print with organic ink and use re-sealable PEFC wrappers for their packaging of these moorish chocolates.


Storage: Store in a cool dry area away from direct sunlight.

Nutrition Information: See attached image.

Ref: LVK6 Shipping Weight: 0.05kgs Stock Status: Out of Stock Manufactured by: Lovechock

Ingredients:cacao mass* - cacao butter* - dried cherries (18*) - dried coconut blossom nectar* - raisins* - cacao nibs* (10%) - lucuma powder* - cinnamon* - cayenne pepper* - vanilla* - sea salt - Chocolate part contains: minimum 80% cacao solids. ,, * certified organic

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