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get fresh! - summer 2006 - issue 45

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What's in issue 45?

* Interview with Natalia Rose, Manhattan-based clinical nutritionist and author of The Raw Food Detox Diet.

* Natural living for natural fertility. Dr Brian Clement has advice for couples trying to conceive.

* How to stay healthy in the sun, by Professor Rozalind Gruben-Graham.

* The truth about raw fat - how much is too much? Sarah Best interviews leading raw nutrition experts.

* Cosmetic procedures: beauty's friend or foe? By Tonya Zavasta.

* Frederic Patenaude busts some popular health myths.

* How to stay in the happy zone when you go raw, by Pete Vincent.

* One woman's triumph over cancer: we meet Bernadette Bohan, author of The Choice.

* If you want to reach your health goals, understand the importance of having the right support in place, says Karen Knowler.

* A summer detox plan, by Nomi Shannon.

* Guide to having healthy joints, by Professor Rozalind Gruben-Graham.

* Castor oil packs. Bring this old-fashioned detox technique into your regime - you'll be astonished at the benefits, says Sarah Best.

* Why what you eat affects how quickly your body heals from injuries of all kinds. First of a two-part series by Dr Doug Graham.

* Setting up a raw kitchen, by Alissa Cohen.

* Elaine Bruce investigates the benefits of grains and explains how they can be incorporated into a living foods diet.

* All you need to know about the spiral slicer.

* Fabulous raw food from top chefs: raw picnics and how to create the perfect summer spread by Russell James and Cherie Soria presents raw versions of Eastern European classics such as borscht, stroganoff and latkes.

* Alissa Cohen talks us through her daily routine.

* Plus news, reviews, tips, useful contacts and much, much more!

Manufactured by: The Fresh Network

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