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Get Fresh! e-Mag - Autumn 2013 - Issue 72

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What's in Issue 72?

* Live blood analysis may provide significant insights into your health, says Gareth Edwards. So what is it, and how do you find a practitioner?

* Not all raw foods are created equal. Respected raw food authority Jill Swyers argues for balance

* We care about what we put in our bodies, so surley we should care about what we put on them to, says Janey Lee Grace

* Eating isn’t purely a physical act, to fill our bellies and give us energy to do things. It’s also spiritual, it’s bound up with how we feel and react, explains Belinda Mann

* Karen Ranzi explains how parents can turn around their children’s poor diets and reverse their emotional reactions to food toxicity

* 5 of the best... juice fasts

* If you’ve a windowsill, you’ve no excuse not to sprout - and it’s a great way to get a ready supply of superfoods, explains Dao

* Craving an eco-getaway, but can’t afford the expense (or guilt) of a long-haul journey? Frank Arrigazzi and Christina Soeberg reveal some surprisingly green gems closer to home in this review of European urban eco hotels

* Whether you need an energy boost or are recovering from illness, Grace Quantock’s energetic elixirs are just the tonic

* Review: Cat Brown pops over to Dublin to talk to Katie Sanderson, the mastermind behind Ireland’s Living Dinners pop-up restaurants

* Plus all the latest news, events, tips and much, much more

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