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Get Fresh! e-Mag - Summer 2009 - Issue 55

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What's in issue 55?

* Exclusive interview with Your Right To Be Beautiful author Tonya Zavasta (featured on the cover). Tonya explains the link between the raw diet, health and beauty and shares her top secrets for unveiling your natural gorgeousness.

* A key part of Tonya's personal programme is Bikram (or hot) yoga and this issue also contains an exclusive article by her about the amazing detoxification and rejuvenative benefits of this practice.

* A Get Fresh! special: a trio of articles on health and human potential from leading experts on the subject: 1. Who we are and what we're capable of starts with our trillions of cells. Are they clean, are they healthy and are they communicating properly? Only if the answer to all these questions is yes can we hope to reach our potential, says Natalia Rose.

* 2. As we've drifted further from nature we've drifted further from our true potential, says Thomas Lodi, M.D. To rediscover it, we must return to nature in the way we eat, relate and live.

* 3. Potential and the power of the mind: it can be either your greatest obstacle or your greatest ally, says Dr Brian Clement.

* Dr Doug Graham on the foods that are supersizing our kids and why bigger is definitely not better when it comes to your child.

* Scary dairy: Dao Earl explores myths and facts about calcium, and the pros and cons of different kinds of milk.

* "Real" men eat meat and drink beer. Or so we are supposed to believe. Pete Vincent sets the record straight and explains why REAL men eat raw.

* Vaccination: a cautionary tale. Jesse Bogdanovich nearly died as a result of an allergic reaction to a polio vaccine when he was a baby. It condemned him to a childhood of disability and ill health. He became his own doctor when he went raw as a young adult and he tells his story for the first time here.

* "You are what you apply" Sarma Melngailis explains why we need to think of our skincare as skin food and Sarah Best reviews the top raw beauty ranges.

* Raw for beginners: in a new regular column, Karen Knowler describes how to get started on a raw diet and set yourself up for success.

* Making friends with your food: Tera Warner has 12 steps for overcoming compulsive eating once and for all.

* Cancer survivor and Living Foods Lifestyle author Brenda Cobb talks us through a typical day.

* Russell James with a step-by-step guide to making sushi.

* In an exclusive except from her new book, Ani's Raw Food Desserts, Ani Phyo presents gorgeous sorbet and ice cream recipes.

* Low-fat recipe special: Cherie Soria on how to cut the fat without cutting flavour and Dr Doug Graham with simple savoury summer lunches.

* Plus the latest news, reviews, tips, useful contacts and much, much more!

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