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Get Fresh! e-Mag - Winter 2006 - Issue 46

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What's in issue 46?

* Interview with Roe Gallo, author of Perfect Body.

* "But where do you get your protein?" Sarah Best busts the myths surrounding protein and plant-based diets. Read except online

* Why regular fasting is the best thing you can do for your appearance, by Tonya Zavasta.

* Professor Rozalind Gruben-Graham explores the root causes of disordered eating.

* Depression: its causes and solutions, by Dr Brian Clement.

* The power of planning: Frederic Patenaude on how to create a system and daily routine for succeeding with your diet and health goals.

* How our food choices affect the body's ability to recover from injuries of all kinds. The second in a two-part series from Dr Doug Graham.

* Why there's a lot more to being healthy than eating raw, by Pete Vincent.

* Sarah Best reports on the use of extremes of hot and cold to boost the body's detoxification activity.

* It's essential to upgrade the other areas of our lives at the same time as we upgrade our food choices, says Karen Knowler.

* Alissa Cohen with advice on how to stay raw when travelling.

* The benefits of fermented foods, by Elaine Bruce.

* Fabulous raw food from top chefs: An elegant dinner by Matthew Kenney, warming breakfast foods by Cherie Soria, a taste of the Mediterranean by Russell James, and Christmas treats by Jennifer Cornbleet.

* Paul Nison talks us through his daily routine.

* Plus news, reviews, tips, useful contacts and much, much more!

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