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Get Fresh! - Spring 2011 - Issue 62

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What's in issue 62?

* 50 reasons to eat raw. From health benefits, to glowing skin, to saving time and money, Dr Douglas Graham breaks it down.

* The price of "beauty": In her quest to look her best the average female treats her body to a never-ending onslaught of harmful manmade chemicals. This has disastrous consequences for both fertility and overall health and most at risk are our young girls, says Natalia Rose.

* Confessions of a detox addict: Fiona Robertson shares the ups and downs of her decade-long preoccupation with purity.

* Is "mostly raw" the way to go? In an excerpt from his new book, Raw Food Controversies, Frederic Patenaude outlines the pros and cons of a high-raw diet versus an all-raw one.

* A tribute from one juice guy to another: Jason Vale remembers Jack LaLanne.

* The gift of pain: Heed its message and it can be one of the very best catalysts for positive change, says Casey Lorraine Thomas, who shares her own story of recovery.

* Natural healing, the wise way: Diet absolutely can play a role in healing serious illness, but beware of treating what you eat as your sole therapy, says Thomas Billings.

* Go raw, invite miracles into your life: Cleaning up your diet can have some strange and very special effects, says Tonya Zavasta.

* Are you suffering from an energy body virus? If you're not experiencing the levels of health and wellbeing you'd like to then this could be why, says Niki Gratrix.

* Yoga: door to wellbeing and inspiration. Yoga teacher Frank Arrigazzi presents a beginner's guide to the benefits, how to find the right yoga style for you, and how to get started.

* The breath of life: Learning to breathe properly, and spending as much time as possible in fresh air, will dramatically improve your health says Elwin Robinson.

* Frequency medicine: Dr Brian Clement explores the therapeutic uses of electromagnetic and cold laser technologies.

* A fresh start: Clearing your clutter can have an amazing effect on your health and wellbeing and can even make you look and feel younger, says Janey Lee Grace.

* Sprouting made simple. Want more energy? Searching for something different to go into your salad but nothing hitting the spot? Your search ends here, says Karen Knowler.

* Asian adventures in raw: In an exclusive preview, Ani Phyo presents three recipes from her upcoming book Ani's Raw Food Kitchen Asia.

* The coolest cupcakes: This on-trend treat doesn't have to mean sickly sweet baubles of empty carbs and chemical colourings. You can make your own cupcakes that are both wholesome and uncooked - raw chef Amy Levin explains how.

* Plus the latest news, reviews, tips, useful contacts and much, much more!

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