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Get Fresh! - Summer 2008 - Issue 51

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What's in issue 51?

* Exclusive interview with John Robbins. The Diet For A New America author talks to us about the strong moral convictions that led him to turning his back on the Baskin Robbins empire at the age of 21 and instead becoming one of the world's best-known and best-loved campaigners for sustainable living and social justice. Read an except of the interview here

* How to live naturally in an unnatural world, by Dr Brian Clement. Also: beware of the two deadly excitotoxins that are in nearly all processed foods

* Raw vegan actress and dancer Tonya Kay talks us through a day in her green life

* How Shazzie detoxed her world. The raw author, entrepreneur and mother talks to us about her life before raw, her astonishing transformation, her views on holistic parenting and her campaign to make raw food mainstream

* Sun exposure: health hazard or health essential? Our raw beauty columnist Tonya Zavasta busts some myths and explains the link between sun damage and unhealthy diets

* From struggle to challenge: the power of perception. Dhrumil Purohit of We Like It Raw on staying in the happy zone with your health regime

* Clinical nutritionist Natalia Rose on what constitutes a real detox: are you getting rid of your toxins or just rearranging them?

* "Raw Food Coach" Karen Knowler quizzes a client to find out the beliefs and thought patterns stopping her from going successfully raw

* Raw food, real mood. Stop eating sedating, stimulating cooked foods and you come face to face with the real you. Unfortunately this doesn't always feel like a good thing, says Sarma Melngailis

* Heidi Ohlander of Raw Food, Right Now remembers 35 days on juice and outlines the top eight benefits it gave her

* Naturopath Philip Weeks on the silent epidemic of B12 deficiency

* When it comes to your health, just who do you believe, asks Pete Vincent

* Teacher of teachers Alissa Cohen helps a reader who is struggling to feel satisfied on raw foods

* Juice Master Jason Vale: Why diet pills are never the answer

* New body, new life - a reader's true story of losing over 100lb on raw food and gaining a whole new version of herself

* Ironman triathlete Brendan Brazier introduces a workout for strength and muscle maintenance

* Fabulous raw food from top raw chefs - Cherie Soria on the best binders and thickeners, Russell James with light summer soups, easy everyday recipes from Jennifer Cornbleet, and four ways to enjoy peaches by Brigitte Mars

* Our inside guide to the summer's two biggest raw food festivals

* Plus: news, reviews, tips, useful contacts and much more!

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