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Get Fresh! - Summer 2010 - Issue 59

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What's in issue 59?

* Leading nutritional therapist Niki Gratrix outlines the specific ways our thoughts and feelings affect our biochemistry, explains the importance of a truly holistic approach to health, and offers a framework for identifying the cause/s of any illness.

* Why we all need to detox. The best health results come from a life-long commitment to cleansing, says Fiona Robertson.

* Say goodbye to problem skin. Tonya Zavasta shares her tips for banishing breakouts and blemishes – forever.

* Dr Douglas Graham reports on the rise and rise of raw.

* Aging gratefully. We live in a society that is emphatically anti aging but we can still have a sane and healthy approach to getting older if we choose to, says Elaine Bruce.

* Agave syrup’s fall from grace is a simple reminder of the difference between "natural" and "processed", says Dao Earl.

* Emma Mihill discusses the disadvantages of conventional sanitary protection products and explores the pros and cons of the alternatives.

* "My journey to optimal health". Taoist health practitioner Elwin Robinson shares a candid and highly personal account of his years of despair, apathy and exhaustion - and how he turned his life around by getting educated, going raw and cleansing his body.

* Thomas Lodi, M.D. reports on new research showing the amazing power of Brassica vegetables in protecting against cancer.

* Despite what you may have heard, our earliest human ancestors were neither vegan nor vegetarian. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be, says Thomas Billings.

* Cherie Soria presents recipes for making your own cleansers, masks and scrubs.

* High fashion has a whopping great carbon footprint, but style and sustainability absolutely can go hand in hand, says Janey Lee Grace.

* How to eat healthily while travelling, by Karen Knowler.

* To juice or to blend. Emma Sgourakis explores the politics of pulp - and presents eight fantastic juice and smoothie recipes.

* Guide to raw ice cream. inSpiral Lounge is famous for serving London’s best raw ice cream. In this exclusive feature, Bella Willink, creator of the range, outlines her top tips for making sensational raw ice cream, plus three of her favourite recipes.

* Plus the latest news, reviews, tips, useful contacts and much, much more!

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