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Get Fresh! - Summer 2011 - Issue 63

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What's in issue 63?

* Detox special: essential info for a healthier you. Your summer detox plan by Casey Lorraine Thomas; Juicing made simple by Karen Knowler; Mini guide to juice fasting by Max Tuck; and Cleansing your colon can change your life by Frank Arrigazzi.

* The world's best raw hot spots: Frederic Patenaude introduces the 10 best countries and cities to live the raw food lifestyle, and considers the pros and cons of moving to a tropical paradise.

* When diagnosis is dangerous: Sarah Best interviews Thomas Lodi, M.D. about the little-known risks of cancer biopsies and about a safe, non-invasive and highly accurate alternative testing method.

* Balancing your hormones - the key to beauty at 50, 60 and beyond, by Tonya Zavasta.

* Fashion to die for: Are toxic clothes harming your health? Drs Brian and Anna Maria Clement report.

* Adventures in allotment gardening: Dr Doug Graham looks back at his six years growing fruit and veg on a plot in Sussex.

* Energy and ecstasy: Caroline Shola Arewa discusses sexual energy and its healing powers.

* Get the glow: 10 secrets for great skin, by Sarah Best.

* Are enzymes really the life force in raw foods? Scientific studies suggest otherwise, reports Thomas Billings.

* Feeding babies: How long should you breastfeed, when is the right time to introduce little ones to other foods, and which are the best for them? Karen Ranzi has the answers.

* Subpersonality disorder: Niki Gratrix (pictured on the cover) introduces a little-known drain on health and happiness.

* Is your health insurance in your kitchen? Elaine Bruce outlines a daily diet plan for lifelong wellness.

* Laundry day, the eco way: Beat those washday blues with green alternatives, says Janey Lee Grace.

* Plant-based recipes for peak health: Brendan Brazier introduces four high-energy dishes from his upcoming book, Whole Foods To Thrive.

* Summer greens: Three nutrient-packed salads from raw chef Russell James.

*Plus the latest news, reviews, tips, useful contacts and much, much more

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