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Bellicon Swing Rebounder 120KG

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The Bellicon Swing has been called "The Porche of Rebounding"

Made in Germany
It's built to high quality standards in Germany ensuring an outstanding finished product and a real focus on detail. The Bellicon's bungee rope springs produce an incredibly soft and dynamic bounce.

The quality of build
The bellicon-Swing has a diameter of 112cm and a height of 36cm. It consists of a stable rounded-tube frame, the point-elastic Permatron bouncing mat and a brand new, finely tuned, patented rope ring suspension.

Rope rings
The bellicon-Swing is delivered to your home fully assembled. At the core of the device are the individual rope rings in a juicy orange colour, available in two strengths:

normal up to 80 kg (yellow clips)
strong up to 120 kg (red clips)

When considering the appropriate strength, you should always base the decision on the weight of the heaviest user that will use it, and how dynamically you will be bouncing.

Folding legs
To make sure this device is portable, it is provided with easy to deconstruct folable legs. In just a few seconds the legs can be folded in and it is possible to store the device away, e.g. under the bed.

Why bellicon swing?
Because it is fun, is enormously health-promoting, gentle to the back and to the body as a whole and been proven medically to be one of the best forms of exercise because of its low impact on the body. Bouncing on the bellicon is unique; in no other way known so far can the body be trained so fully and with such little effort.

What physicians say about it:

Numerous therapists, scientists and physicians have taken a closer look at Bellicon-Swing and given fantastic feeback.

"Swinging on soft trampolines is considerably more gentle for patients with disc and lumbar problems (back complaints) than the load exerted when walking. That can only be good for your health."
Dr. med. Hans Schechinger, Physician for Orthopaedics and Sport Medicine, Cologne.

"It is a big help in the rehabilitation of existing knee, ankle or muscle injuries. As far as just tanking up on oxygen is concerned, 5 minutes on the trampoline is the same as running more than 3 kilometres. Even just 10 minutes daily is sufficient to improve physical condition"
Dr. Rentstroem and Dr. Peterson, Sports Academy GIH, Stockholm Efficient Movement

"Movement is greatly facilitated and metabolic processes are promoted very well in undersupplied regions: Connective tissue (discs), cartilage tissue (interverterbral discs and joints) and skeleton (e.g. in osteoporosis). I know of no other form of exercise which is so simple and easy and at the same time so efficient!"
Paul Klammer, Head Physiotherapist in the Ambulatory Rehabilitation and Prevention, Traben Trarbach.

"The joints are increasingly moved without overloading them. The joint cartilage and the intervertebral discs of the spinal column are better supplied with synovial fluid and thereby remain more elastic up to a higher age. The Rebounder promotes the arterial and capillary blood circulation. The additional muscle activity accelerates the return flow of venous blood and thus increases lymph return at the same time. The desired tachycardia (increase of heart frequency) is also achieved without excessive strain"
Dr. med. Peter Z'Brun, Surgeon FMH (i.R.), Visp, Switzerland

The Bellicon Swing is the most advanced, medically tested rebounder in the world. The bouncing experience is second to none and the Made In Germany quality ensures a fantasticly durable rebounder that you and your family will enjoy for years.

Dimensions: 112cm wide x 36cm tall
Mat: Made from point-elastic Permatron
Bungees: Orange, in 2 strengths (yellow clips up to 80kg, red clips up to 120kg.
Warranty: 1 year on bungee ropes, 2 years on matt and frame.

Ref: JM029 Shipping Weight: 14.5kgs Stock Status: Out of Stock Manufactured by: Bellicon

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