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Matstone 6 in 1 Juicer - Ivory

Price £179.00

For fruit, vegetables, greens & wheatgrass

The UK Samson has arrived - it's called the Matstone 6-in-1

The manufacturers' branded the US version the Samson and the UK version the Matstone. It has a reinforced juicing strainer - an improvement over the Oscar (the first of the cold press juicers), plus a different switch configuration.

It comes with a stunning A4 colour brochure which includes recipes and instructions.

You can make:
Nutritious fruit, vegetable and wheatgrass juice
Crushed ice
Fruit sorbets
Homogenised food, e.g. hummous & baby food
Ground coffee and nuts
Pasta and noodles

The Matstone multipurpose juice extractor operates at low speed (80 rpm) - all the nutrients and flavour will be preserved. At high speeds (7,000 - 10,000 rpm used by centrifugal juicers) vitamins and enzymes are destroyed because of the heat generated in extracting the juice.

Ref: JU06 Shipping Weight: 7.25kgs

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