Habits and Addictions

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Ending Co-Dependent Patterns Ending Co-Dependent Patterns Classic co-dependence is destructive and manipulative and often leads to addictions. Co-dependents need to be needed, even if they must create or ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Freedom from Alcohol Freedom from Alcohol The programme is based on the Alcoholics Anonymous 12 step formula. Address your attitude towards alcohol in a positive manner that enables ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Freedom from Substance Abuse Freedom from Substance Abuse Whether chained to smoking, drugs, alcohol or food, this programme is you partner in overcoming your addiction. You will change your attitude about ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Gambling Gambling If gambling is a compulsion, this CD is for you. Sample thought modification messages in this product: "I am responsible. I am in control. I am ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Impulse Control Impulse Control Slow down that impulsive behaviour. Whether you are prone to impulsive purchasing or over-reacting, etc., this tape can help you take your time to ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Rescripting the Child Within Rescripting the Child Within Within each of us is our inner child and often that child makes choices that no longer serve us. Sample thought modification messages in this ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Stop Smoking Stop Smoking Powerful cigarette aversion messages delivered subconsciously. Combined with positive esteem messages, address your feelings and attitudes towards ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 Results