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Cancer Remission Cancer Remission We offer spiritual healing tapes for patients with cancer. Both physicians and patients involved in the use of these tapes have reported excellent ... more info Price:  More Info 
Centering Centering Centering is another word for stilling outer and becoming harmonious within. It is the place where one quietly seeks the Divine within themselves. ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Clear Skin Clear Skin Your skin cells replace themselves very quickly. Your diet, activity, mental attitude and possibly your intention, have all been scientifically ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Coherent Emotion Coherent Emotion There is much a buzz today about the positive influence of coherent body states. Clinics are teaching coherent heart and brain wave states through ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Communicator Communicator Become a dynamic, persuasive communicator and foster open communication from others by becoming a receptive listener. Sample thought modification ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Concentration Concentration Do you lack the ability to concentrate? This can block learning and comprehension and hold you back at school, work and in activities where absorbing ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Confidence Confidence Ever feel like you need a confidence boost? Use this program to create the new ultimate you. Project confidence and success. Yes, you can do it. ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Confidence with the Opposite Sex Confidence with the Opposite Sex The fear of rejection stops many from ever taking advantage of desirable opportunities. Sample thought modification messages in this product: "I ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Connecting with the Force Connecting with the Force InnerTalk, thought modification technology clinically tested and proven by doctors, scientists and medical researchers. Is there an unseen energy ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Consicous Connectedness Consicous Connectedness Carl Jung postulated the theory of a collective unconscious. This idea has been expanded and today it is not uncommon to hear the term collective ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Consicous Expansion Consicous Expansion One of our best-selling products! Discover the limitlessness of your conscious awareness. You'll find the only limits you have are those you ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Contact Meditation Contact Meditation More and more people are using meditation for bio-feedback purposes, stress management, pain control and the search for spiritual ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Cooperative Cooperative Cooperative behaviour lends to harmony in all relationships. Sample thought modification messages in this product: "I am cooperative. I am ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Creative Writing Creative Writing Ever wish you could write? Write in such a way that the words came alive, that the reader couldn't put the material down, or just write in a ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Devoloping Compassion Devoloping Compassion The ability to truly relate to others is called compassion. Relating and understanding others is a near magical path to both personal peace and ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Dyslexia Dyslexia Many think that the problem with dyslexia lies in the communication between the two hemispheres of the brain. Sample thought modification messages in ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Eating Disorders Eating Disorders This programme is designed for all types of eating disorders, for example anorexia. Re-establish your self worth, respect and enjoyment of life and ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Ecology Awareness Ecology Awareness Global warming is now a fact. We all know we should do something but sometimes it can be hard to make the necessary changes. Use this program and ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Showing 19 - 36 of 191 Results