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Accelerated Leaning & Study Accelerated Leaning & Study You will not believe the speed and ease with which learning occurs when this program is used to fuel the powers of your mind. It is appropriate for ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Concentration Concentration Do you lack the ability to concentrate? This can block learning and comprehension and hold you back at school, work and in activities where absorbing ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Creative Writing Creative Writing Ever wish you could write? Write in such a way that the words came alive, that the reader couldn't put the material down, or just write in a ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Excel in Exams Excel in Exams If you are studying for exams, it is always a worrying time. Are you going to do your best on the day and do yourself the justice you deserve? ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Genius Power Genius Power Release the genius within you. Science used to believe that I.Q. was fixed. Today, we know better. Sample thought modification messages in this ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
I am a Great Reader I am a Great Reader Whether you are a student or an adult, reading not only gives power through knowledge but can be relaxing, adventuresome and fun. Sample thought ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Infinitely Creative Infinitely Creative Unleash the creative genius within you, today! Sample thought modification messages in this product: "I am creative. I am imaginative. I ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Mathematics is Easy Mathematics is Easy Some people panic at the thought of maths. Yet maths is an essential aspect of music, art, science and life in general. Don't let the fear of ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Powerful Memory Powerful Memory Both short and long-term memory power is critical to mastering new subjects in the work-place, in school and in everyday life. Everyone's memory ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
School is Fundamental School is Fundamental Developed specifically to deal with anger, hostility, aggression, rejection, stress and learning in school. Sample thought modification messages in ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Using Both Halves of the Brain Using Both Halves of the Brain When the artistic and the linear work in tandem, genius arrives. Albert Einstein reported that he imagined (visualized) the curvature of space. His ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Word Power: Spelling & Vocabulary Word Power: Spelling & Vocabulary Verbal skills are like dress. One is often judged by their vocabulary. Sample thought modification messages in this product: "I have a powerful ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Showing 1 - 12 of 12 Results