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Using Both Halves of the Brain

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When the artistic and the linear work in tandem, genius arrives. Albert Einstein reported that he imagined (visualized) the curvature of space. His spacial abilities integrated with his logical, linear abilities and the rest is history writing itself still today.

Sample thought modification messages in this product:

"I can use both hemispheres of my brain at the same moment. I choose to use both hemispheres simultaneously. I am able to use both hemispheres simultaneously. I will always find it easy to use all of my abilities. It is easy to use both hemispheres simultaneously. I create my mental habits. I create hemispheric balance in me now. I love my new mental power. My mental abilities improve in every way everyday. I have keen mental abilities. I have the use of my entire mental abilities now. I enjoy learning. I enjoy using my full mental abilities. It's easy to use both hemispheres simultaneously".

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