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Opening & Balancing the Chakras Opening & Balancing the Chakras Many spiritual systems refer to the energy centers of the body. Allow the life energy to flow freely through you. Sample thought modification ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Opening up to a Higher Power Opening up to a Higher Power   The spirit, mind and body are inseparable. Address any difficulty on all levels and insure a successful and permanent change. The 12 step ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Power of the Spirit Power of the Spirit Sample thought modification messages in this product: "I fix my thoughts and attention steadfastly on God and His Divine perfection. My body ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Psalm 91 Psalm 91 Price: £22.99  More Info 
Remembering Past Lives: Reincarnation Remembering Past Lives: Reincarnation Polls show that more and more people now accept the idea of reincarnation. Indeed, many believe that they have lived before and have glimpsed ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Serenity Serenity Imagine remaining in a state of calm repose, unruffled quietude, clear and free of unpleasantness. This is the state of being serene. Serenity has ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Spiritual Healing Spiritual Healing Sample thought modification messages in this product: "I am a gift. I am a creation of the Divine. I am created perfectly. I have power. I have ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Synchronicity Synchronicity When we first brought this title out, many asked, "what is synchronicity?" There is a multi-cultural saying that can be paraphrased this ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
The I Am Presence The I Am Presence Price: £22.99  More Info 
The Lord's Prayer The Lord's Prayer Taken from the King James' version of the Lord's Prayer. Price: £22.99  More Info 
Using Dreams for Problem Solving Using Dreams for Problem Solving From the simple pillow petition to the teachings of many masters, dreams afford a doorway into a realm that knows no time/space limitation. Through ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Viewing Auras Viewing Auras The energy system surrounding living things is commonly called an "aura." This is known in science as a corona discharge or bioplasma. ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Yoga Meditations Yoga Meditations The benefit of Yoga in areas such as health and wellness has been demonstrated. Sample thought modification messages in this product: "I enjoy ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Showing 19 - 31 of 31 Results