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When we first brought this title out, many asked, "what is synchronicity?" There is a multi-cultural saying that can be paraphrased this way, when you're ready the message comes. Sometimes, it's the teacher that comes, sometimes, it's the ask and you will receive, seek and you will be given, but the common thread in synchronistic events is the seeker is given the answer. The universe abides with information. When we are alert and aware, prepared to listen to both the message and the messenger, we find many answers. Our clients have reported such things as searching for an answer in their business only to receive an unsolicited magazine with a feature business article that seemed to be written just for them and about them. The key to accessing this information is in becoming aware and alert to its presence.

Sample thought modification messages in this product: "The Universe is purposeful. Everything comes to me for some reason. I am a gift. All that I am is God's gift. All that I become is my gift to God. We are all ONE in the mind of God. There is only ONE mind. I am in the ONE MIND. Consciousness flows through me like energy. I am consciousness. I am aware of consciousness. Minds communicate. I accept and acknowledge the communication. I invest my thoughts in Peace and Love. My environment is rich with information. I practice sensing my environment. I sense the feelings of others. I sense the importance of God in all. I extend unconditional love to all."

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