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Poweful Salesperson Poweful Salesperson Selling yourself! Selling yourself is a required skill no matter what your vocation. Selling is natural and easy. Build the confidence and acquire ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Power of Practise Power of Practise We all know that practice makes perfect. Make the process of practicing easy, effortless and productive. Sample thought modification messages in this ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Powerful Leader Powerful Leader Leaders are strong in character, courageous enough to take a stand and wise enough to know that leading means serving others by directing attention ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Prosperity Prosperity What's holding you back from realizing success and the rewards of your efforts? The negative programming locked in one's subconscious can be ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Self Disciplined and Determined Self Disciplined and Determined Vince Lombardi once said, "The difference between winning and losing is quitting." History teaches us that great men and women are their ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Strategic Planning & Peak Performance Strategic Planning & Peak Performance Designed for executives or people on the way up. If you own your own business, if you are in sales, if you invest in the market, if you are concerned ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Telephone Sales Telephone Sales If you're in sales you'll want this programme whether your work is telephone only or just involves the occasional use of the telephone. Meet ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Time Management Time Management Time management is everyone's concern. Sample thought modification messages in this product: "I am time wise. I am punctual. I am organized. ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Ultra Enthusiasm Ultra Enthusiasm No more procrastination, no more TGIFs, no more unnecessary uncertainty, and no more ""bla-bla blues"" wouldn't that be nice. ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Ultra Prosperity Ultra Prosperity You're doing well. You appreciate your successes and now you wish a more total focus on wealth building. A limitless expectation, a concentrated ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Ultra Success Power: Health, Wealth & the Fountain of Youth Ultra Success Power: Health, Wealth & the Fountain of Youth The programme for those who want it all, health, wealth, youth, happiness and an absolutely positive expectation from life. Thoughts do become ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Visualisation Visualisation Visualisation is a key power advantage used by athletes, artists, business people and successful individuals in all walks of life. What you can see ... more info Price: £22.99  More Info 
Showing 19 - 30 of 30 Results