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Herb Crackits with Black Pepper, Oregano & Relish - 100gHerb Crackits with Black Pepper, Oregano & Relish - 100g

Herb Crackits with Black Pepper, Oregano & Relish - 100g

Price £4.49

These artisan moreish crispy crackers are combined with raw almonds, flax and chia seeds that are pre-soaked to release enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid. 

Dried at low temperature to ensure that they maintain their optimum nutritional ingredients, these crunchy and crumbly crackers make a great snack any time of the day.

Great with salads, topped with your favourite spread or eaten right out of the box.


Storage: Store in a cool dry area away from direct sunlight.

Nutrition Information: See attached image.

Ref: IVP14 Shipping Weight: 0.11kgs Stock Status: 92 Units in Stock Manufactured by: Inspiral

Ingredients:almonds* - sunflower seeds* - carrots* - courgette* - onions* - flax seeds*- extra-virgin cold pressed olive oil* - chia seeds* - Himalayan crystal salt - garlic*, reishi*, oregano*, black pepper*, nothing organic - GM free - vegan - raw - gluten/wheat/soy/lactose free - 0% cholesterol/trans fat free - no added sugar - low G.I - no msg/artificial additives - contains nuts,, organic*

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