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Kale Chips Baobab & Onion - 60gKale Chips Baobab & Onion - 60g

Kale Chips Baobab & Onion - 60g

Price £3.79

We love this line of kale chips from the folks at London's inSpiral Lounge.
These raw dehydrated green curly kale chips now come in funky bags the same size of a packet of crisps. They have the same moorish crunchiness, yet with none of the nastiness.

Kale chips are essentially crisps made of kale pieces instead of potato slices. Better still, they get their supremely crunchy texture without being deep-fried, which involves heating cheap and nasty vegetable oils to indecently high temperatures. Instead they are coated in nut sauce and gently dehydrated to give them their supremely crunchy texture. Kids generally love kale chips and they are among the easiest ways of getting large quantities of green goodness into them.


Storage: Store in a cool dry area away from direct sunlight.

Nutrition Information: See attached image.

Ref: INS25 Shipping Weight: 0.07kgs Stock Status: 1 Units in Stock Manufactured by: Inspiral

Ingredients:Curly Kale* (37%) - Cashew Nuts* - Onions* (15%) - Baobab (1.25%) - Himalayan Crystal Salt - Flax Seeds -Black Pepper,,Nothing Else. *organic

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