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Organic Wheatgrass Powder - 100g Organic Wheatgrass Powder - 100gManufacturer: KIKIOrganic Wheatgrass Powder High in Protein A source of Fibre KIKI's Organic Wheatgrass is grown outside where it benefits from natural sunlight ... more info Price: £8.50£6.80Save: 20% off
Not So Naughty Snacks Not So Naughty SnacksTreat yourself with this delicious mix of yummy hand picked goodies. Activated Raw Mix Nuts (Raw Ecstasey)  - 100g Berry Boost Bar (Juice ... more info Price: £13.56£10.85Save: 20% off
Superfoods Bundle Superfoods BundleSave money and get healthy with our Superfoods Bundle pack. Includes: Body Biotics (KIKI) - 30 Vegicaps Nature's Living Superfood (KIKI) - 150g ... more info Price: £96.54£67.58Save: 30% off
InnerTalk Bundle InnerTalk BundleRelax and rejuvinate with our InnerTalk bundle. InnerTalk programmes are CD recordings, created to aid you in an easy, convenient, effortless way in ... more info Price: £91.96£64.37Save: 30% off
Magnet Therapy Pack Magnet Therapy PackOur Magnet Therapy bundle from Norstar BioMagnetics includes some of our most popular and effective magnet therapy products. Each using high strength ... more info Price: £93.99£65.79Save: 30% off
Raw: Your Biggest Answered Raw: Your Biggest AnsweredThis informative book is a collation of questions all answered by 12 leading experts in the raw food and health industry. Price: £9.97£3.99Save: 60% off
Vitamineral Green - 105 VeganCaps Vitamineral Green - 105 VeganCapsManufacturer: Healthforce NutritionalsVitamineral Green is a food supplement that contains green foods, plant juices, enzymes and bacterial cultures. All ingredients are optimally dried ... more info Price: £39.54£1.20Save: 97% off
Lecithin - 375g Lecithin - 375gManufacturer: Healthforce NutritionalsEnhance your favourite recipes, drinks and smoothies Food supplement that contains choline which contributes to normal homocysteine metabolism. ... more info Price: £29.40£25.00Save: 15% off
ZeoForce - 180 VegeCaps ZeoForce - 180 VegeCapsManufacturer: Healthforce NutritionalsZeoForce™ is available in both powder and in VeganCap form. ZeoForce™ is a supplement from Earth Clay, zeolite is formed when volcanic ... more info Price: £47.94£1.20Save: 97% off
Displaying 1 to 9 (of 35 specials)

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