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Lecithin Non-GMO - 400gLecithin Non-GMO - 400gLecithin Non-GMO - 400g

Lecithin Non-GMO - 400g

Price £14.95

Lecithin is an emulsifier that allows fat and water to mix. KIKI's Lecithin is derived 100% from soybeans that have NOT been genetically engineered or modified.

Lecithin can be used as a thickening agent and emulsifier, allow 10 minutes or more for full thickness to take effect. Add to other products that do not already contain lecithin such as KIKI's Natures Living Superfood.

Contains no preservatives or fillers


Directions for use: Adult intake: one (1) - two (2) tablespoons per day. Add to any drink or smoothie, sprinkle on / or mix with foods for an extra creamy flavour.

Storage: Store in a cool dry area away from direct sunlight.


KIKI's Lecithin is packed in amber glass for optimum nutritional preservation, freshness and purity.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


Allergens: Contains Soy


Food Supplement


Information on this site is not intended to diagnose or treat any health condition. We recommend that if you are pregnant, nursing, have a medical condition or are currently taking medication that you seek advice from a health professional before you take any dietary supplement. Always read the product directions before use and do not exceed the recommended intake. Food Supplements should not be taken as an alternative to a balanced diet. Keep out of reach of children.


Ref: Kik005 Shipping Weight: 0.45kgs Manufactured by: KIKI

Ingredients:100% Soybeans

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