go raw and get the edge!

Are you rarely bursting with energy even though you eat well and look after yourself? Do you carry around excess weight despite the fact that you religiously restrict what you eat and feel hungry most of the time? Are you alarmed at how quickly you are aging, as one thing after another goes wrong in your body?

In short, are you health conscious but not getting the results you hoped for? Do you feel, deep down, that there must be a way to attain those results but that you just haven't found it yet?

Congratulations - you are right!

There is a distinction you need to know about - a distinction which will serve you better than any other in making choices that will benefit your health. It is a distinction which can change your life.

Eat raw!

Yes, it really is that simple. Amidst all the confusion about which diet is healthiest, the very best guiding light you can use is to focus as much as possible on organic foods eaten in their natural raw state. 

These foods contain all of the essential components your body needs in just the form it needs them, while even the best cooked foods are nutritional compromises as they are more taxing for the body to process and provide much less in return for this task. Living as we do in a polluted world, with most of us leading stressful lives, never has it been more important to give our bodies - and our brains - the very best nutrition we possibly can. 

We all know we should be eating more fruit and vegetables, and we all know raw is best. If you already eat a few pieces of fruit and a salad each day, well done - you're much healthier than the average person. But why settle for that? If you want to see some really exciting results, eat more raw food than cooked.

The benefits you can expect from taking this step are too dramatic and too numerous to convey here. But as a summary, people who switch to a high-raw diet typically report massive improvements in energy levels, emotional disposition, mental clarity and immunity. Other common bonuses are better digestion, effortless weight loss and looking years younger: a healthy high-raw diet not only slows the ageing process but can even reverse it! Another frequently reported effect is consistently experiencing a high like no other - a natural high that no artificial substance could ever provide.

This may all sound too good to be true but that is only because we base our expectations about how healthy we should expect to be on those around us, and the average person is eating less than 10% of their food raw! All this shows us is how humans function on a non-ideal diet, whereas those who eat most or all of their food raw offer a glimpse of what is possible when we nourish ourselves as nature intended.

Over the last few years the raw diet has exploded in popularity, but it is no passing fad. It is a return to the way we were designed to eat. Nature doesn't make mistakes; it gives each species everything it needs in order to thrive. If we were meant to eat cooked food, we would have been born with built-in ovens! 

Ponder this for a moment: of the 700,000 or so species on the planet, one species cooks its food and one species suffers with obesity, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, widespread mental dysfunction and other chronic diseases. The only exceptions to this rule are domestic and farmed animals, also fed cooked food.

If this is the first time you've heard of these concepts you are probably now wondering what on earth that means in practical terms. Would you have to base your diet around carrots, lettuce and apples? Thankfully the answer is no, and if you think this will involve denial and deprivation, think again! People who experiment with raw food are usually amazed and delighted at the world of gastronomic possibility it opens up.

But for now let's focus on WHY eating high raw will transform your health and your life. What benefits will you gain and why can you not gain them simply eating a regular 'healthy' diet? 

We are conditioned from early childhood to think of cooking food as something that is not only harmless but even beneficial. But what we are not usually taught is that as soon as food is heated to above 40° Celsius a whole catalogue of undesirable changes is set in motion. The first thing to bear in mind is that ovens don't go anything like this low! Even steamed food is typically heated to at least 100°. Baked foods, meanwhile, are heated to over 200° and fried foods can reach temperatures of higher than 350°.

But once food is heated above even 40° the molecular structure is altered from something the body can easily recognize and utilize to something it can't. This change in molecular structure leads to the creation of numerous unnatural and potentially dangerous chemical compounds, some of which are known carcinogens.

The worst offenders on this front are fried foods of all kinds and grilled or barbecued meats but several years ago it was found that even cooked foods generally considered healthy (including crackers, bread, and boxed breakfast cereals) contain a carcinogen called acrylamide which is formed when carbohydrates are heated to high temperatures.

Heat doesn't only cause the formation of dangerous substances in food but, in an unfortunate double whammy, also leads to the destruction of valuable protective ones. Research has shown that it makes minerals much harder to absorb, and destroys anything from 30% to 97% of the vitamins in food (the exact amount depends on the cooking method and temperature, and also on the vitamin in question; heat annihilates some much more readily than others).

Cooking also alters the bio-electric energy field of food and destroys all of the enzymes and all of the life force. Scientists at the cutting edge of nutrition now understand that these elements are every bit as essential as any other component of food.

If we want to be high-energy beings we need to eat high-energy foods and that means raw foods - foods that possess active enzymes, life force and electrical charge - not dead, cooked foods.

An important fact to remember about nutrition is that it is a science in its infancy. Scientists can't even construct a single human cell so there is clearly a lot we still don't know. Nutritionists can only discuss and study the nutrients and co-factors that have been formally identified and named, but our bodies need all those that haven't yet been discovered just as much! This is why taking supplements, while sometimes necessary, is no substitute for a healthy diet. 

Of course, it is not only the body that is meant to run on pure, fresh, organic raw plant foods but also the brain, so this explains why so many people report a massive improvement in mental clarity and emotional disposition when they switch to a high-raw diet. And let's face it, only when our bodies and brains have the top-quality natural fuel they need is it possible for us to reach our potential on any level.

Remember, you don't have to eat all raw to get the benefits (though many do thrive on such a diet). But if you really want to take your health and your life to the next level, aim to eat more than 50% raw.

As you improve your diet, there is no need to deprive yourself of foods you don't feel ready to give up. Just start consistently building quality, fresh, organic raw foods and juices into your diet and enjoy the miraculous changes that occur. Over time, as your body and mind come into balance through correct nutrition, you will find your desire for any unhealthy foods you currently crave naturally starts to wane. 

Many people report that when they first heard about raw food they just 'knew' they had discovered something that would change their lives, because it made perfect intuitive sense. If you are one of those people, we are here to assist and support you on your way to a fresher, brighter, happier future.

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